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Largest Manufacturer of Steel Frame Modular Homes in a Shell Package. Our Superior Galvanized Structural Steel frame Modular Homes in a Shell Package are constructed in factory and ready to ship worldwide. The modular shell package home is constructed in modules, sheathed in OSB and house wrap, complete with all interior/exterior walls, roof trusses and floor joist systems for placement onto your foundation wall (crawl space or full basement). Door and window headers are framed and ready for install of your own windows and doors. Allows for rapid buttoned up shell construction at affordable pricing. Also available with options such as ISO board insulation on exterior walls, roof, and floors as required. Many Window, door, siding and roofing options available as upgrades. Electrical, plumbing and mechanical runs available as upgrades.

Use our standard styles and plans as a starting point or bring us your own plan, we are a manufacturer and our factory can produce any home design, any floor plan, and architectural design that you choose. Use our existing home styles and home plans as a pricing tool. Find a style and size closest to your custom home, and use the cost shown per square foot as a starting point for your custom home design.

Why would I choose commercial grade galvanized structural steel frame over a typical stick frame?

Galvanized Structural Steel framing is stronger, commercial grade, lasts a life time, and is better than a stick frame home. And you can save considerably over a typical weaker wood frame home.

  • Green Terra Homes' Commercial Grade Galvanized Structural Steel Frame components are offer unmatched quality without the prevalent defects found in stick frame homes such as warping or knots.
  • Our Commercial Grade Galvanized Structural Steel Framing is uniform with precise standardized measurements unlike stick framing where no two pieces are alike or measure as advertised, there is no such item referred to as a 2'x6' piece of lumber. None are 2" nor 6", no stick frame home is constructed in precise measurements as consistent in our engineered steel framing.
  • Superior Stronger Commercial Grade Galvanized Structural Steel Framing
  • Engineered Structural Steel Frame home will maintain its integrity indefinitely without any issues such as rot or corrosion or termite infestation.
  • Structural Steel Frames are lighter yet stronger than stick frame homes
  • Read complete list of benefits of our Commercial Grade Galvanized Structural Steel Frame manufactured homes

Better Structural Strength

Because steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material, it is by nature a superior construction material. Steel does not rot, warp, split, crack or creep and will not expand or contract with moisture content.

A steel framed home will always have straight walls and square corners; therefore, homeowners will be relieved to find no aggravating nail pops or drywall cracks. Steel framing can take popular finishes like brick, stucco, stone or siding.

Better Fire Protection

The most frightening aspect of a house fire is the rapidity with which it can spread, a factor that's multiplied many times over by the easy availability of wood framing as fuel.

Steel will not contribute fuel to a fire. If a fire does start in a steel-framed home, it's less likely to spread from the area of origin. Tragic loss, due to fires that ignite and spread in framing, can be limited by the use of steel framing.

Better Mold Resistance

Mold is a significant cause of poor indoor air quality and resultant respiratory ailments. Steel framing can help resist the onset and growth of mold.

Mold requires an organic substrate such as wood to grow and thrive. Being inorganic, steel framing actually inhibits the growth of mold, and promotes a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

Better Termite Resistance

Termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes each year. Termites wreak havoc, chewing through wood framing and weakening the foundation of a home. Some building departments require treatment to your foundation for termites before building, but section R202 of the International Residential Code states that steel framing is a "termite resistant material".

Steel is resistant to termites, thus preserving the structural integrity of a steel-framed home, and providing it with years of security and durability against destructive pests, including termites and wood ants.

Better for the Environment

An average sized wood framed home requires at least 40 trees to be cut for framing. The framing for a typical steel framed home can be made from 6 recycled cars. The use of steel framing saves the nation's forests and has a positive impact on the environment.

Because steel-framing is unaffected by temperature or humidity changes, the building is more energy-efficient, thus saving on fuel costs. The lower energy consumption helps the initiative to further conserving our natural resources.

Benefits for the DIY Owner Builder

Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel has some major benefits.

Firstly the price: Steel is competitive against timber stick frame and with a shorter build time, there is less labor to pay for.

Peace of mind: There is a 25 Year Warranty on all steel framing. It will not rot, warp or expand, so the house stays watertight. And because it won't rot, it's also healthier to live in. Steel is resistant to fire, as well as borer and termites. A solid investment!

Its greener: Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel is sustainable and a great environmental choice. There is also no waste. Every piece is cut to precise length, punched, pre-drilled, labeled and often assembled before it leaves the factory.

Steel is 100% recyclable. Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel is ‘green’ being the most recycled product in the world!

  • The slender profile of steel, its strength and light-weight makes it an ideal option and no cranes are required to assemble the framework, which saves time and money.
  • What would you prefer to do, chop down 40 to 50 trees or recycle 6 cars? That`s what it takes to prefabricate a steel frame for the average house or structure.
  • Many appreciate the simplicity of the screw-together framing, especially as there is no need for special tools.
  • Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel is ideal for environmentally sensitive sites as there is minimum disruption and disturbance to the native vegetation. It is particularly suited to sloping sites where access is difficult.

In summary the benefits of engineered steel framing are:

  • Steel is lighter, stronger and straighter.
  • Steel is not treated with dangerous and often toxic chemicals.
  • Steel's quality is consistent. No bowing, bending, warping, twisting or movement.
  • Steel is not affected by rain and no drying required prior to construction.
  • Steel is not subject to rot or rust.
  • Steel is non-combustible therefore a lower fire risk.
  • Steel is environmentally friendly and the most recycled material in the world.
  • Steel use does not lead to health issues. (i.e. resulting from sawing/handling chemically treated timber).
  • Steel framing is a lot lighter than timber, therefore less weight results in less foundation movement

When you are looking for strength, durability and quality, steel framing is the natural choice for brick, veneer and direct-clad construction of homes and similar low-rise buildings.

Steel framing also offers other outstanding features and advantages such as:

  • Steel frames do not absorb moisture and will not rot or grow toxic mold. As a result, they are considered non-allergenic and have a neutral impact on indoor air quality.
  • Steel frames provide occupants with extra protection from lightning as energy is conducted straight to ground, and does not release destructively within the framework.
  • Because of its properties including strength and lightness, steel framing is an excellent material to resist earthquakes.
  • Steel framing resists fire. Under high heat it will deform but will not burn. Steel frames do not contribute to the spread of fire or increase the fire load. Fire resistance, with excellent fire hazard properties so you just can’t ignite it, and it doesn't add fuel to the fire.
  • Steel framing cannot be attacked by vermin or insects such as borer moth and termites.
  • Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel frames means less strain on builders/erectors and therefore provides a safer work site.

Steel is strong and light...

  • The wall frames and roof trusses can be positioned and screwed together in even the most remote locations without needing access to the power grid
  • Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel allows you to build safely and competitively on sloping sites even on the most difficult terrain. We can supply you with a floor system to sit on top of adjustable stumps which makes assembly very easy and you can trailer in most components.
  • Steel frames can be used in all climate conditions.
  • Steel beam depths are around half that of timber beams offering greater usable space and lower costs than that of other materials.
  • Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel's superior strength and flexibility provides increased spanning capabilities meaning fewer columns/stud support requirements and therefore more usable space.
  • You can get open-plan living at a competitive price, as steel is 40% stronger than wood and approximately 10% of the weight.
  • Hi-tensile steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of most conventional building materials.
  • Steel does not warp, bow or twist due to shrinkage, ensuring no long term movement problems with the framing and trusses.
  • Unlike timber, steel does not creep and long term deflection is minimal.
  • Consistent quality and dimensions ensures ease of use and long life.
  • Wide availability, so the preferred design can be built virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Low maintenance requirements, requiring low cost and effort to keep its design qualities intact.
  • Trade familiarity, so there is always ready access to the skills to modify or extend the building.
  • Reliability, therefore no need to replace steel building products because of technical improvements, changes in fashion or new research requirements.
  • Design freedom, to easily create optimum architectural forms to suit client needs and local building conditions.

Why would I choose a Modular Home in a SHELL PACKAGE over stick-built home?

The appearance of Modular homes are the same as any traditional site-built home. You can add any style of window, door, wall or feature you prefer, as some can be done in factory and others can still be added on-site when Modules are on site. You cannot tell the difference between modular and traditional homes once completed. Modular homes can be customized in their interior and exterior appearances. Green Terra Homes unlike many other manufacturers, offers the ability to design from scratch and or accepts private renderings for conversion to steel framing and modular. The standard time frame for in factory production is about 3-4 months.

Modular homes are built faster than site built homes and can save you thousands as most of the work is completed inside a temperature controlled factory setting where there are no delays due to weather and having to reschedule work crews. There are a few items that are required on site when building a modular home.

  1. You will be required to prepare your site and get your foundation ready prior to the arrival of your home.
  2. Once your home is ready you will have to coordinate shipping and craning of the modules to your site and ensure that the site is accessible to both the truck and crane.
  3. Once the modules are placed on your foundation they will have to be “stitched” together which is essentially sealing and connecting the modules to one another.
  4. You will also need to complete any and all interior, exterior finishes such as plumbing, electrical, duct work, insulation and drywall needed, as well as siding and roofing on the exterior of the house.
  5. Options such as Rough in are available for Plumbing (pex lines, vent lines, waste lines where applicable) and Electrical (BX steel braided commercial grade electrical lines, outlet boxes, light fixture boxes.
  6. Lastly you will have to install your HVAC (unless you have purchased a package from us to be installed in the unit itself – when there is no basement), and then connect your utilities.

We recommend you hire a contractor to help with the site work, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, foundation, excavation and all finishes as required, depending on your own experience level and or comfort level. Never attempt work that you are not qualified and experienced within, Buying a modular home in a shell package means that you could be into your new home months sooner than a traditional site built home and you can also save thousands of dollars in the process.

Use our standard styles and plans as a starting point or bring us your own plan, we are a manufacturer and our factory can produce any home design, any floor plan, and architectural design that you choose. Use our existing home styles and home plans as a pricing tool. Find a style and size closest to your custom home, and use the cost shown per square foot as a starting point for your custom home design price.

So What is included in this Galvanized Structural Steel Frame Modular Home offered as a SHELL PACKAGE as listed on our site?

  1. The home is assembled in the factory as with our modular homes ready to be placed onto your foundation at which time the home is buttoned up and you are out of the environment.
  2. The home is framed out in module sections with all exterior walls and roof sheathed/cladded with OSB and house wrap.
  3. All window and doors headers are in and ready for you to cut out the OSB and install your own windows and doors.
  4. Walls are at stud level with galvanized structural steel framing 16" on center as with stick frame homes. All structural steel studs have pre-punched openings for your electrical and plumbing lines, and as with stick frame, you can drill additional holes as needed.
  5. All blocking and strapping is in place ready for your insulation, vapor barrier and drywall or other interior wall cladding. Floors are OSB, ready for your underlayment and flooring choices.
  6. Exterior of the home is sheathed in OSB and House wrap, ready for your rigid foam insulation to address thermal bridging with rigid foam board insulation, strapping and your final exterior cladding/finishes.
  7. Roofs, as with all exterior walls, is sheathed/cladded with OSB and temp house wrap, ready for your ice/water shield and final roofing coverage with shingles or steel roofing panels (both available from the factory or your local suppliers)

Additionally, the shell package includes:

  • Includes Architectural plans and local engineer stamped structural plans for your jurisdiction
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) for standard materials required to finish the home
  • This home is assembled in factory as a SHELL Package in modular format, ready for placement onto your foundation (button up stage)
  • All Exterior are assembled and sheathed/Cladded with OSB
  • All and interior walls are assembled
  • Sheathed in OSB and house wrap ready for your siding and shingles (or steel roofing)
  • Door and window headers are framed and ready for installation of your own windows and doors.
  • Includes floor joist system designed & engineered for crawl space, or full foundation.

Shell Package options may include:

  • Optional stamped plans for foundation, mechanical &electrical available as needed by your local jurisdiction
  • Exterior ISO foam board insulation panels for exterior walls & exterior roof
  • Exterior cladding, insulation and siding options
  • Steel or asphalt shingle roofing options
  • Window & door options
  • Electrical cable runs optional
  • Plumbing ABS/PEX runs optional
  • Mechanical duct runs/registers optional

Shell Packages are designed, engineered, manufactured in easy to ship modules ranging in size from:

  • Maximum width from 16' (including overhang)
  • Maximum height of 10' exterior dims, folding roof trusses available to increase final assembled height.
  • Max length 60' - exceptions apply based on other dimensions and final destination.

What is not included?

  1. Land
  2. Permits
  3. Site grading and excavation.
  4. Foundation engineering and installation.
  5. Services and hook up such as septic/sewer, water, electrical, gas.
  6. Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical
  7. Doors and windows.
  8. Exterior insulation, cladding, sheeting and finishing
  9. Interior insulation, cladding, sheeting and finishing
  10. Flooring, plumbing or electrical fixtures
  11. Mill work and or cabinetry
  12. And anything NOT listed in the inclusions list above.

Have more questions or Ready to proceed with an order?

Please make sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for further details and answers that can guide you through the process, if you wish to speak to a Sales Representative please Click Here, fill out the form and we will be happy to assist.

Fill out the Contact Us page form and request a callback for a quote or attach the link of the product you are interested in.

Please visit here for Shipping Information:

We offer this & every home in three (3) formats, read about all three formats HERE

Please note that drawings on the web site are a combination of artist renderings and photos - often with upgraded finishes- actual units may vary. Items shown on images & designs such as decks, porches, skirts, landscaping etc. are not included. Any product or service not listed on the specifications list is not included unless specifically paid for on the sales agreement.

**Available onsite services such as foundation, on-site framing, assembly, excavation, and other on-site services may be available via national Home Depot network of independent contractors (charges apply).

Standard vendors materials, fixtures, trim, mill-work are all based on vendor’s standard sizes. Changes to these specs or removal of certain items to be replaced by specialty items or custom items, will result in additional charges and often in additional onsite finishes for the Owner/Builder. There are no credits applied for items removed. Custom home plans are quoted based on Standard Specifications, and all custom add-ons or changes will be additional.

All Modular homes in a shell package format are manufactured by Green Terra Homes are constructed in compliance to the stringent requirements of CWB CSA A-660 for Steel Frame Modular Homes. All structural plans are reviewed by engineers authorized for the state/province.

The manufacturer reserves the right to improve or modify the product list herein, without notice or obligation, which may change materials, equipment, specifications or designs. Information contained herein is from the latest data available at the time of printing. Photographs and descriptions may contain some optional extra.

Allow an estimated 30 business days for design and engineering depending on your choices, once engineering is completed allow about 90-120 days for production and another 10-14 days for delivery. All time frames stated are dependent on decision making processes, destination, season, size and model. Custom Homes are ready for placement on your foundation as applicable and connection to your site services. These timelines DO NOT apply to multi tenant units or large custom units over 2500 sf.

Land, permits, foundation, all site work and preparation, service hook ups, shipping, crane and installation of the modules are all the responsibility of the owner. All prices above are based on the standard specification list provided and sizes and dimensions and items listed. Any and all changes to size, design, specs, standards, finishes, etc will incur additional charges. Anything not listed on the specification list is NOT included.

Multi-unit configurations are also available. Steel frame modular homes are constructed in factory and ready to ship with your choice of finishes, and upgrades. We may also be able to assist in coordinating third party site work. Let us guide you through the process.

***Maximum heights for modular home shipments in shell package format - (maximum 11’ height on standard trailer, height up to 13’ available with low boy trailer, greater heights will require roofing trusses to be installed onsite by Owner/Builder – additional charges apply)

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