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Largest Manufacturer of galvanized steel frame 4 season park model trailers, park model homes, cabins, cottages, garden studios, micro homes and in-law suites with FREE Shipping* & easy factory Financing. We are a manufacturer of steel frame 4 season park model trailers, park model homes, not a dealer. Buy factory direct of steel frame 4 season park model trailers and park model homes for sale and save thousands. We manufacture with commercial grade galvanized structural steel framing in all our park model homes & cottages ensure a lifetime of enjoyment and resale value, Park Model homes are completed with your choice of floor plans, furnishings, window treatments/coverings, finishes and appliances.

Choose from any of our existing plans or let us custom design a custom park model home for you from scratch. This galvanized structural steel frame modern cottage is designed to be placed onto a pad and blocked with skirting, or onto a crawl space or even lifted onto a full foundation, ready for connection to your site services. All park model homes are individually designed and engineered for your specific lot, municipality, wind and snow loads.

All park model trailers and 4 season cottages are constructed with commercial grade galvanized structural steel framing and ship with your choice of finishes, upgrades, and appliances. Custom Floor plans and Interior layout to your meet needs within regulation / code.

  • Our four season park model trailer models are constructed to exceed CSA Z241 standards.
  • Park model trailer models are available up to 540sf with optional sun rooms of up to 360sf
  • Maximum width of up to 15'
  • Maximum height 13'5"
  • Standard removable tongue and pintle hitch.

Our unique park model four season cottages also provide a never ending list of options and designs. Why settle for ordinary when you can custom design your own custom cottage with unmatched insulation and superior galvanized structural steel framing with all the necessities of four season cottage at a price point equal or less than cheaper to build wood stick frame park model homes. Built with galvanized structural steel studs, mono slope or traditional peaked roofs, optional live roof and optional solar panels.

Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel frame park model homes are designed to be placed onto a pad and blocked with skirting, or onto a crawl space or even lifted onto a full foundation. All 4 season park model trailers are designed and engineered for your specific lot, municipality, wind and snow loads.

Why would I choose your commercial grade galvanized structural steel frame park model home over a timber stick frame?

Our galvanized structural steel framing is stronger, lasts a life time, and is better than cheaper wood stick frame park model trailers and you can save considerably over a typical wood stick frame park model cottage.

  • Green Terra Homes' galvanized structural steel frame commercial grade components are of the highest quality without any defects such as warping or knots etc. as found in less costly to build timber stick frame.
  • Superior Stronger Commercial Grade Galvanized Structural Steel Framing for less than wood stick frame prices.
  • Our Commercial Grade Galvanized Structural Steel Frame will maintain its integrity indefinitely without any issues such as rot corrosion or termite infestation.
  • Commercial Grade Galvanized Structural Steel Frames are lighter yet stronger than cheaper to build timber stick frame park model trailers.

What is included with our 4 season park model trailer prices listed on our site?



Interior Decor Finish

  • Custom Ikea theme interior decor packages including bedding, window covering/treatments, cabinetry.


  • 30 Inch Free Standing Electric Range
  • 10 Cu .Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator
  • In counter dishwasher
  • Washer / Dryer
  • Microwave range hood combo

Frames and Floors

  • Heavy-duty i-Beam structural steel coated frame trailer chassis
    (see separate trailer/chassis details further down in specifications)
  • House wrap Barrier between trailer chassis and sub floor assembly
  • Exterior under floor insulation 1" ISO Board Rigid Foam Board Insulation R5 with breathable exterior layer, Seamlessly Taped
  • 5/8″ T&G OSB glued and screwed to trailer chassis below and sub-floor assembly above
  • Galvanized Structural Steel floor joists 16″ on center
  • Interior R24 mineral wool insulation and sound barrier within floor joists
  • 5/8″ T&G OSB glued and screwed to structural steel floor joist sub-floor assembly below
  • Choices of Laminate, vinyl Flooring and or carpeting options


  • Exterior insulation 1/2"-1" Rigid Foam Board (R2.5-R5) Seamlessly Taped
  • Interior R12-R21 Insulation walls (based on model and wall cavity thickness
  • Exterior 3/8" plywood sheathing
  • Galvanized Structural Steel Studs 16″ on center with strapping and sidewall stiffeners
  • Interior walls with 7'9" to 10' 5” interior max peak heights as per model
  • 6 mil. poly vapor barrier
  • Interior T&G look pine board paneling or FRP paneling
  • Vinyl siding or T&G look pine board paneling (other options available additional charges)

Roof and Ceiling

  • Galvanized structural steel truss/rafter system in a Mono slope, peaked, or butterfly roof with galvalume galvanized steel roofing panels or Asphalt shingles
  • Exterior ice/water shield
  • Exterior roof insulation 1" ISO Rigid Foam Board insulation R5 Seamlessly Taped
  • Interior R24 insulation within truss/rafter system
  • Exterior 3/8" Plywood Roof Decking
  • Interior T&G look pine board paneling or colorful choice of interior FRP paneling
  • Continuous vinyl vented soffit and aluminum fascia
  • Pre-textured drywall ceiling or T&G look pine board paneling


  • PEX polyethylene water lines
  • 20 gallon electric water heater
  • Low profile toilet
  • Exterior faucet
  • One-piece vanity with sink
  • One-piece fiberglass shower with surround or optional shower/tub
  • Single lever faucets
  • Two compartment stainless steel kitchen sink

Electrical and Heating

  • 24-circuit 50-amp electrical panel
  • Electric baseboard heating or propane wall mount propane furnace per plans
  • Electric smoke detector
  • Safe-T-Alert gas alarm
  • Standard light switches and receptacles
  • Interior GFCI receptacle in bathroom and kitchen
  • Exterior GFCI receptacle
  • Exterior porch lights at entrance doors


1 - year product warranty, factory to consumer via factory

2 - year limited warranty for components weather penetration, electrical distribution system, plumbing and heating delivery systems, window and door performance

5 - year limited warranty and performance relating to structural integrity

25 - year limited warranty for steel roofing and or steel siding

Standard vendors materials, fixtures, appliances are all based on vendor’s standard plans. Changes to these specs or removal of certain items to be replaced by specialty items or custom items, will result in additional charges and often may void the CSA Z241 certification. Custom plans can be considered, and will be priced based on complete list of modifications and custom build requirements and additional charges may also apply for certification.

All Z241 park model trailers manufactured by Green Terra Homes are constructed in compliance with and exceed the stringent CSA Z241 Standard. The manufacturer reserves the right to improve or modify the product, without notice or obligation, which may change materials, equipment, specifications or designs. Information contained herein is from the latest data available at the time of printing. Photographs and descriptions may contain some optional extras.

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Allow an estimated 20-30 business days for design and engineering depending on your choices, once engineering is completed allow about 45-60 days for production and another 10-14 days for delivery. All time frames stated are dependent on decision making processes, destination, season, size and model. Custom Homes are ready for placement on your foundation as applicable and connection to your site services. These timelines DO NOT apply to custom unit or multi units.

Land, permits, all site work and preparation, service hook ups, and shipping are all the responsibility of the owner. All prices above are based on the standard specification list provided and sizes and dimensions and items listed. Any and all changes to size, design, specs, standards, finishes, etc will incur additional charges and variation in timelines. Anything not listed on the specification list is NOT included.

Multi-unit configurations are also available. Tiny homes are constructed in factory and ready to ship with your choice of finishes, and upgrades.

Please note that drawings on the web site are a combination of artist renderings and photos - often with upgraded finishes- actual units may vary. Items shown on images & designs such as decks, porches, skirts, landscaping etc. are not included. Any product or service not listed on the specifications list is not included unless specifically paid for on the sales agreement.

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* Financing Terms & conditions presented are determined based on your credit, income, existing equity as well as the type and cost of the product being purchased. Green Terra Homes 3rd party financing terms and conditions are dictated by 3rd party lender(s). Final lender terms, conditions and finance rates are not within our control.

Each office operated by independent licensee, franchise, reseller, dealer, and or builder/fabricator.

**Financing on approved credit, 120 and 240 month payments calculated based on first payment deposit and 8% APR. Once your credit application is approved, we shall call to discuss your unit floor layout, overall design and unit finishes. You will receive a final Quote Agreement indicating the full purchase price of the unit, plus estimates of any applicable taxes, duties, transport and delivery charges (if applicable). If you proceed with the order, we will apply your Pre-Order Deposit Payment towards your final agreement. Until you enter into a Purchase Agreement, your Pre-Order may be cancelled at any time, in which case you will receive a full refund of your Pre-Order Payment minus application fee. Once you have signed the Purchase Agreement and made final payment arrangements/scheduling (or have received approval from our financing department), our design department will create a floor plan, elevation and exterior rendering of your design for your approval. See Terms and Conditions at checkout. In order for the Pre-order to be valid, you must check out and pay the deposit at checkout. You must Reference your pre-order number on your credit application. We will not process applications without a deposit or an order number.

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