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Largest manufacturer of modular steel frame garage homes, carriage apartments, studio garage homes, carriage apartment, and in-law suite in modular format, combining a garage and spacious living areas above.  With modular format for living spaces above prefab garage kits ranging from single garage studio apartment to our largest three bedroom two bath two car garage garage home, we offer sizes for every budget and need. Perfect as a rental addition to an existing property, the now independent teenager, guests needing privacy and the always exciting the in-law suite, our modular garage home apartments offer an affordable creative option. We are a manufacturer, not a dealer. Buy factory direct Modular garage homes for sale and save thousands.

Choose from our existing plans which can be scaled up or down as needed or let us custom design a modular home for you. Please note that the interior layouts of existing plans can be adjusted to suit your needs as long as it is within the code requirements. Units are designed to meet local code requirements of your jurisdiction. Steel frame modular homes are designed to be placed onto a crawl space, full basement or post and beam foundations. All modular garage homes are designed and engineered for your specific lot, municipality, wind and snow loads. 

Modular homes are built faster than site built homes and can save you thousands as most of the work is completed inside a temperature controlled factory setting where there are no delays due to weather and having to reschedule work crews. There are a few items that are required on site when building a modular garage home. You will be required to prepare your site and get your foundation ready prior to the arrival of your garage framing kit which shall need to be assembled onsite on a concrete pad. Once your garage is framed onsite and your modular garage home is ready to ship from the plant, you will have to coordinate shipping and craning of the modules to your site and ensure that the site is accessible to both the truck and crane. Once the modules are placed on your foundation they will have to be “stitched” together which is essentially sealing and connecting the modules to one another. You will also need to complete any insulation and drywall needed at the connection points, as well as siding and roofing at the connection points on the exterior of the house (partial siding and roofing may already be installed in factory). Lastly you will have to install your HVAC, and then connect your utilities. We recommend you hire a contractor to help with the site work and finishes required on site. Buying a modular garage home means that you could be into your new garage home months sooner than a traditional site built home and you can also save thousands of dollars in the process. 

What is included?

modular home specifications

To review the Standard Specifications of our Modular Homes click above.

Please make sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for further details and answers that can guide you through the process, if you wish to speak to a Sales Representative please Click Here, fill out the form and we will be happy to assist.

Allow an estimated 2-4 weeks for design and engineering depending on your choices, once engineering is completed allow about 7-9 weeks for production and another 1-2 weeks for delivery. All time frames are dependent on decision making processes, destination, season, size and model. Custom Homes are ready for placement on your foundation as applicable and connection to your site services. Multi-unit configurations are also available. Steel frame modular garage homes are framed onsite (garage portion) and modular upper living areas are constructed in factory and ready to ship with your choice of finishes, and upgrades. We may also be able to assist in coordinating third party site work. Let us guide you through the process. We can assist with as much or as little as needed. Superior Stronger Galvanized Steel Framing for less than wood frame prices. Steel framing is stronger, lasts a life time, is better than a wood framed home and can save you 5% vs a typical wood frame home.

**Available onsite services such as foundation, on-site framing, assembly, excavation, and other on-site services may be available via national Home Depot network of independent contractors (charges apply).

Multi unit configurations are available. Steel frame modular homes are constructed in factory and ready to ship with choice of finishes, and upgrades. We can assist in coordinating your third party site work. Let us guide you through the process, we can assist with as much or as little as needed. Superior Stronger Galvanized Steel Framing for less than wood frame prices. Steel framing, stronger, lasts a life time, is better than a wood frame homes and you can save 5% over a typical wood frame home.

Our Steel frame modular garage home designs are available in the following formats with possible slight modifications as required to adhere to the CSA standards referenced.

Please note that drawings on the web site are artist renderings only - actual units may vary. Items shown on images & designs such as decks, porches, skirts, landscaping etc. are not included. Any product or service not listed on the specifications list is not included unless specifically paid for on the sales agreement.

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