GreenTerraHomes BOAT HOUSE STEEL GARAGE KIT NG1632 16X32 512SF


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Largest manufacturer of Steel Garage, Car Garage, Garage Kits with FREE Shipping* & Financing available. Steel Garage, Garage Kit ships in kit form & are available nationwide. Local delivery & Installation may be available** - We will beat any written comparable quote by 5% - We are a manufacturer, not a dealer. Buy factory direct and save thousands.



Custom Steel garage kits are pre engineered and designed for easy DIY assembly on any flat surface and have options for roofing, siding, trim, doors, windows. Designed to be sheathed with your choice of steel, wood, shingles, or any other choice you desire. The steel garage framing kits are priced as framing kit only thereby allowing clients to choose their own locally sourced sheathing materials. Optional complete sheathing packages available that can include galvanized or galvalume steel panels for use as cladding and or roofing materials in a broad choice of colors and profiles. Optional trim packages for fascia, soffit, corner trim available. Our standard options for doors, windows, and hardware are off the shelf choices from the Home Depot's broad range of products and are shipped separately from your local Home Depot store (if ordered with structure).

  • Available in any length - Standard 2/12 standard pitch. Custom roof pitch options charges apply.
  • All widths & custom sizing available- charges apply.


Prefab engineered steel garage framing kits include:

  • Architectural, Structural plans
    (optional stamped version for your jurisdiction available, $500 charges apply)
  • Overhead door, man door, and window openings Framing package for your own windows and doors - Windows & doors not included, available for purchase
  • Complete structure including Post & Beam Framing
  • Foundation Post saddles for install when you pour your concrete footings
  • Rafters and or Trusses (as applicable)
  • Wall Girts
  • Roof, eve purlins
  • Kelly screws, strapping, brackets, post saddles
  • Instruction Guide


Available additional options (charges apply):

  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Man doors
  • Overhead doors
  • Windows

    Also available in stud framing configuration with 2' OC spacing, and 16" OC spacing as required, additional charges apply.

    Stud framing vs post and beam framing pricing

  • 5.5" steel studs with 2' OC framing - Add 30% to base price
  • 5.5" steel studs with 16" OC framing - Add 40% to base price

    We can design, engineer, fabricate any size metal garage, including prefabricated engineered steel garages capable of any wind, snow, loads.

    • Rigid Frame Post/Beam Building
    • Building Code: IBC 06
    • Snow Load: 20 lbs
    • Wind Load: 90 mph
    • Exposure: B
    • Collateral Load: 1
    • Frame Type: Clear span / Factory Welded I-beam
    • Bay Spacing: Varied by size
    • Roof Slope: 2:12 pitch
    • Doors: N/A
    • Construction Drawings Included

      Allow 2-4 weeks for production and another 1-2 weeks for delivery dependent on destination and model. Expedited build times may be available at additional charges.

      Please make sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for further details and answers that can guide you through the process, if you wish to speak to a Sales Representative please Click Here, fill out the form and we will be happy to assist.

      Our steel garages are perfect as a workshop, metal shop.

      Our steel buildings and garage kits are NON RESIDENTIAL structures and are NOT designed to meet residential building codes and we do not recommend that they be used for habitation. If you are attempting to purchase a garage or steel structure and use for residential usage, we will not be able to accommodate you as far as plans and engineering.

      Steel garage kits, portable garage, 2 car garage, 3 car garage kits, stronger, lasts a life time, is precut, no guess work, easier, faster, better than a wood kit that you must measure & cut and save 5% over a typical wood kit of comparable plan

      * Financing Terms & conditions presented are determined based on your credit, income, existing equity as well as the type and cost of the product being purchased.