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Park Model Homes CSA Z241

What is included with  our 4 season park model trailer prices listed on our site?




  • Galvanized commercial Grade Structural Steel Framing 16" OC (on center)
  • Exterior Thermal Break Insulation Barrier: 1" R5 Rigid Foam Board with breathable house wrap layer seamlessly taped
  • Interior Insulation: R24 Stone wool, mineral fiber insulation that offers superior insulation values, reduces sound penetration, and offers fire protection (*1)
  • Vapor barrier - 6mm poly
  • Interior pre-finished wallboard or T&G look Pine Panel
  • 7/16" exterior sheathing (OSB standard, upgrades available)
  • Vinyl Siding (*2)


Undercarriage and Sub-Floor Assembly

  • Heavy-duty i-beam steel frame undercarriage with detachable hitch
  • House wrap barrier between chassis and galvanized structural steel sub-floor assembly
  • Exterior Undercarriage Insulation: R12-R24 (based on location)
  • Exterior Thermal Break Insulation Barrier: 1" R5 Rigid Foam Board with breathable house wrap layer seamlessly taped<
  • 5/8" T&G sub-flooring glued and screwed below galvanized structural steel sub-floor assembly
  • Galvanized structural steel sub-floor assembly on top of i-beam steel frame undercarriage with structural engineered floor joists 16" OC
  • Interior Insulation: Within sub-floor assembly - R24 Stone wool, mineral fiber insulation that offers superior insulation values, reduces sound penetration, and offers fire protection (*1)
  • Vapor barrier: 6mm poly
  • 5/8" T&G flooring on top of sub-flooring glued and screwed


 Roof and Ceiling

  • Galvanized Structural Steel Roof Rafters and/or Truss System as per design criteria
  • Roof profiles available such as Mono slope, peaked, or butterfly (*3)
  • Exterior Thermal Break Insulation Barrier: 1-2: R5-R10 Rigid Foam Board with breathable house wrap layer seamlessly taped (per roof type)
  • Interior Insulation: R51+ (Attic spaces) or R31+ (Cathedral roof areas) - Stone wool, mineral fiber insulation that offers superior insulation values, reduces sound penetration, and offers fire protection (*1)
  • Roof decking 7/16"
  • Steel Roofing or Asphalt Shingles (choice)
  • Vented attic space to eliminate moisture and heat build-up (where applicable)
  • Continuous vinyl vented soffit and aluminum fascia (where applicable)
  • Vapor barrier: 6mm poly
  • Pre-textured drywall ceiling panel board or T&G look Pine ceiling panel board


 Interior Decor (*9)

  • Custom upgrades available for any and all interior/exterior decor finishes at cost+ (*9)
  • Doors Interior: White raised panel accent handles
  • Doors Closet: 6-panel Bi-fold door
  • Kitchen Cabinets: White shaker style cabinets with Thermal foil wrapped doors with accent handles
  • Kitchen Counter Top: Solid Bamboo Eco-friendly, sustainable
  • Flooring: Durable maintenance friendly vinyl flooring, optional laminate, carpet, etc. at cost+ (*9)
  • Baseboard, casing, molding: MDF interior trim throughout, optional pine, etc at cost+ (*9)
  • Optional Furniture Packages available at cost+ (*9)
  • Optional Appliance Packages available in white, black or stainless steel at cost+ (*9)
  • Optional back splash tiles for kitchen, bathroom and laundry room at cost+ (*9)
  • Optional custom Cordless Cellular Shades package for windows at cost+ (*9)


 Plumbing (*9)

  • PEX polyethylene water lines including external tap(s)
  • 20-gallon 240v electric water heater
  • Water-saver toilet(s)
  • Vanity 24" bathroom vanity & sink combo
  • Shower: 36" base and four-piece shower surround with thermapac adjustable showerhead
  • Kitchen Faucet: Chrome with spray in kitchen
  • Bathroom Faucet: Chrome faucet(s)
  • Kitchen Sink: Double compartment stainless steel kitchen sink
  • Plumbed and wired for washer and 220v dryer where laundry room present
  • Plumbed and wire for dishwasher where present in manufacturer's standard floor plan
  • Frost free exterior water tap


 Electrical (*9)

  • Electrical wiring: Commercial grade BX steel braided
  • Panel 100A
  • Electric baseboard heater(s) (optional gas furnace)
  • Exterior porch light at entrance door(s)
  • Exterior weatherproof GFCI receptacle(s)
  • Electric smoke detector(s) and Safe-T-Alert gas alarm(s)
  • GFCI tamper resistant receptacle in bathroom(s)
  • White light switches and receptacles
  • Bathroom exhaust fan(s)
  • Range hood with light
  • Door Bell
  • White 4" LED (pot) light(s) in each room
  • Phone access box in utility room (where present)


 Windows and Doors (*9)

  • White Slider double pane windows with low-E glass (*4)
  • 36x80 exterior steel door
  • Manufacturer's Corsica door hardware
  • Sliding Glass 5" patio door






Terms and conditions apply, see manufacturer's warranty statement included with all products, provided online and at time of sale.

  • 1-year limited product warranty for parts and materials, factory to consumer along with the original product/material manufacturer's original factory warranty for all materials utilized in the production of homes, such as flooring, cabinetry, appliances, windows, doors, etc. See exception list in package which includes drywall cracks and nail pops which may occur because of subsequent settling of the foundation.
  • 5-year limited warranty for components and performance relating to weather penetration, electrical distribution system, plumbing and heating delivery system(s) (if included in modules shipped from factory), window and door performance
  • 10-year limited warranty for structural steel framing
  • 25-year limited warranty for steel roofing panels (original asphalt shingle manufacturers warranty as applicable)


 Original product/material manufacturer for items such as flooring, windows, doors, fixtures, trim, cabinets, etc. are based on the transferable warranty from each manufacturer. Changes to our standard specifications and or replacement with specialty or custom items/materials will result in additional charges and the potential of needed additional onsite work/tasks to be completed by Builder/Owner. NO CREDIT applied for any deductions, replacements of and materials/items from Manufacturer's standard specifications/inclusions Custom home plans are quoted based on Manufacturer's Standard Specifications/Inclusions, any design changes, additions, modifications, work orders will result in additional charges.


Also see manufacturer's standard finishes as outlined online at:



Manufacturer’s materials, fixtures, trim, millwork are all based on Manufacturer’s standard specifications and floor plans as noted and available online. Changes to these specifications or removal of certain items to be replaced by specialty items or custom items, will result in additional charges and often in additional onsite finishes for the Builder/Owner. There are no credits applied for any specifications removed or reduction of designs. Custom home plans are quoted based on these Manufacturer’s Standard Specifications, and all design changes, custom add-ons or changes will be additional.

All Park Model Trailer (CSA Z241) Models manufactured by GreenTerraHomes are constructed in compliance with the stringent standards of the CSA Z241 Standard.


The manufacturer reserves the right to improve or modify the specifications herein, without notice or obligation, which may change materials, equipment, specifications or designs. Information contained herein is from the latest data available at the time of printing. Photographs and descriptions may contain some optional extras. 


All optional upgrades incur additional charges



  • *1 - Optional spray foam insulation or mineral wool insulation (additional charges apply)
  • *2 - May be partially installed in factory, final siding and finishes done onsite by builder/owner after stitch up of all modules and to avoid damage during transport depending on design
  • *3 - Roof peak maximum height of 11’ from chassis deck
  • *4 - Base window inclusion of up to 15% of total exterior wall surface. An Example: a 15'x40' size single story home with two 15' walls and two 40' walls has a total of 110' linear feet of exterior walls. With our standard 8' wall heights, this home would have a total of 880sf exterior wall surface. With a 15% allowance for windows, an allowance of 132sf of windows would be included in base pricing. With an average 3'x4' window size (12sf), this would equate to 11 windows, a 3x4 window within ever 12' of wall space. With a total of 16 windows of 3x4, the exterior walls of this home of 110 linear feet would consist of 33 feet of windows, or 25%.
  • *9 - See manufacturer's standard finishes as outlined online at: Available custom upgrades, options, changes to materials, finishes, and standard specifications are available at additional cost of materials and labor plus


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