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Garages & Boat Houses


Largest manufacturer of Steel Garage, Car Garage, Garage Kit with FREE Shipping* & Financing available. Metal Garages ship in kit form and are available nationwide. Choose one of our designs below, or let us manufacture your custom design. The samples below can be down sized or up sized within the basic code requirements. We are a manufacturer, not a dealer. Buy factory direct and save thousands. Custom Steel garage kits, portable garage, 2 car garage & 3 car garage.

Classic Garage       Boat House


 “The use of Steel Framing in any structure, be it a house or a garage, does not only allow for it to be resistant to fire and termites, but it is also more sustainable and a great environmental choice! The Steel Framing Kits from Green Terra Homes are a great option to get a solid structure for your DIY building project!" 

BRYAN BAEUMLER - A natural-born teacher, Bryan has been educating and entertaining viewers across Canada and the US for over a decade on his hit shows Bryan Inc., House of Bryan, Leave it to Bryan and Disaster DIY. Bryan joined Green Terra Homes in 2017. Stay tuned for a GTH feature on one of his upcoming shows!