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Boat House Garages

Designed as an economical detached structure, strong enough to protect a homeowner's boat and belongings. These single door garages are designed specifically for boat storage. With an over sized overhead door opening for trailer parking, and a storage attic with pull-down staircase access for convenience of use and space economy. The Boat House Series features all-steel construction and is rated to withstand 110 mph winds.


 “The use of Steel Framing in any structure, be it a house or a garage, does not only allow for it to be resistant to fire and termites, but it is also more sustainable and a great environmental choice! The Steel Framing Kits from Green Terra Homes are a great option to get a solid structure for your DIY building project!" 

BRYAN BAEUMLER - A natural-born teacher, Bryan has been educating and entertaining viewers across Canada and the US for over a decade on his hit shows Bryan Inc., House of Bryan, Leave it to Bryan and Disaster DIY. Bryan joined Green Terra Homes in 2017. Stay tuned for a GTH feature on one of his upcoming shows!